Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Ever since i've been a boy, i look up to the heavens to feel a better sense of nature. At about the age of 7 or 8, i had the feeling that looking up to the heavens gives me some sort of motivation and luck. When am about to play soccer or do something, i always look up to the heavens to support me.

Now before i take a test i look up to the heavens for help. Sometimes i may not do well in that test, but i certainly won't get a 0%. If i haven't studied for that test and i got a 30%, then i know that the heavens gave me a 30%. some times i end up getting 70%. Its all about beleiving that some one is watching over you.

Sometime in the Future i want to still keep looking up to the heavens for help. i think when i'm working in my office in the future and something goes wrong, i'll just look up to the heavens. That way i will hav some hope that my problem can in actuality be resolved.


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