Saturday, April 7, 2012

My story ideas

#1. A story about a boy who is striving hard to be eligible to play soccer
     A kid has been playing soccer for sometime now, and all of a sudden, his grade drops
     This boy now takes it upon him that he will work very hard to improve his GPA
     This story will show some of the problems the boy faces in working hard. 
     Eventually he gets a over a 2.00 GPA, so he was later able to play.

#2. A story about a boy on a journey and the problems he faces to go to his destination
       A guy named Yao decides to go on trip over the long bridge. However, a terrible monster
       lives under the bridge, so he stopped Yao from passing over the bridge. 
       He threatened that if Yao tried crossing he would eat Yao
#3. A story about a girl talking to the star at my balcony
       This is a story about a lonely girl, and how her friendship with a star.
       This star quenches the loneliness in this girl. 
#4. A story about me and my awesome Gini.
       This is a story about me and my Gini. My Gini says i have only 5 wishes to make, and 
       that any wish i make he will grant it to me. I end up making all my 4 wishes, but something
       remarkable happens in my 5Th. wish.  Lets see what the 5Th wish is.

#5. A story about me sleeping and not doing my home work
       Well i am having seniorites. And i am going to outline some of the problems with having 
       seniorites. So this would be fun.

#6. A story about eating a pie.
       I will make a story on me eating pie, and how i react to the flavors

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